Friday, April 17, 2009

Gardening and Travelling

Gardening and travelling, i found out... doesn't go well together. Like rice and ketchup, soy sauce and pasta, business suits and slippers... oh well, you get the idea.

I went away to Beijing for about 9 days.. and during that time, left basic instructions for my busy husband on how to take care of my plants. He did a really nice job. Really. And I really appreciate his efforts.

But my plants are all spoilt by my daily tender loving care... or what I like to think it is what I do. I would rush out into the balcony at the slightest sign of rain and hustle them indoors. On days when it is just too hot and sunny, I'd give them an extra sip of water... If pests come near them, I'd spray, catch and kill..

So, after 9 days.. my plants are well but they looked at me reproachfully.. for neglecting them and leaving them.

And now I'm thinking of I should do when both of us travel together back to Hong Kong in early May..

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