Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lost and still not found

Recently, I have been losing stuff.

Now that's very strange because these things must have just walked out of the door by themselves.

First, it was a notebook where I write my bits and pieces of notes and my daily plans. And then my kitchen scissors. Then my gardening scissors..

Then, very strangely, a pair of pants I bought in HK. I can't find them in my house when I came back home.. and after calling HK, it is not at the house in HK either.

And yesterday, I couldn't find my pencil case and caseful of beautiful pencils and pens.

There is no one to blame but myself really.

I could have thrown my scissors away.. left my shopping in the mall.. A thousand possibilities though I do not and will probably never really know the real reasons.

I have always been quite absent-minded.

Once, when I was in school, I left my wallet on the bus and got down without it. A kind boy from a neighbouring school picked it up and called my home. I met him the next day to get it from him and gave him a box of chocolates in return for his kindness. That very day, I left it on the bus once more and never saw that wallet again. It really was quite funny.. though not to my mum at that time.

I always thought that I'd grow out of this absent-mindedness.

Apparently not.

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