Monday, May 11, 2009


Once upon a time, I bought a packet of parsley seeds..

I sowed some seeds in a plastic cup. Everyday, I sprinkled some water on the cup.

After 3 weeks, only 1 seed seemed to have germinated. I transferred that one seed into a small pot.

When I went away for a short trip, I put it into a zip-lock bag, protecting it from the rains and winds..

The plant looked fine when I returned.

Today, I took another look at my plant.

Oh.. it really doesn't look like parsley... I put it beside the African violets I have been propagating..

Goodness me, they look a little similar!

Hence, I suspect... I don't have a parsley after all.

But as to how my parsley turned into an African violet.. I really have no idea..

In the 2 pots below, the one on the right is supposedly my parsley. The one on the left is my African violet...

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