Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fun beads

I found some really interesting beads and decided to get them to make some simple accessories.

Here are some pictures for a start. (I really ought to find a way to take good pictures indoors, I think it is my window film that is making all my pictures look a bit gloomy. If anyone knows of good tips for indoor photo-taking, pls kindly share them..)

I like this red apple bead because it has 2 sides to it, a "whole apple" side and a "cross-section" side. Plus it has a couple of shiny crystals on it that make it look quite cute. I made it as part of a necklace and paired it with a red Swarovski heart at the back of the chain to make it look more special. I thought the quality of the snake chain - the finishing and the weight - was really good too.

I also bought a milk bottle bead, 2 handbag beads and 2 baby pram beads from the same series.

This antique car bead is very cute too. I've always liked 3 dimensional beads. And "antique-look" beads. Since I've got quite a few of them, I used 2 and made them into a pair of dangling earrings. I paired them each with a tiny pearl bead to give a quainter look.

I bought loads of antique beads along with these. Too many to even list here. Will slowly but surely start to make more of these..

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