Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chasing after The Wind

The Husband is a wise man. It's heartening to know that I have a wise person as my companion for life.

I have this thing about acheivements, being raised up in meritocratic Singapore.

Since young, I've always been told that it is important to do more and do better than others.

"Be the top 10% of your class." They tell you at School. "Make sure you get the top 10% of the cohort, for 'O' levels and 'A' levels".

"Graduate with honours - be the top 10% of your year". They tell you in University.

"Get the top 10% performance rating at work." They tell you in the Office.

And so, I always had this thing about achievements. I need to acheive certain things in life to be Someone in life.

And, I always thought I was doing alright.

Then one day, the cookie crumbled.. Suddenly, I felt I had no acheivements and was no longer Someone.

But The Husband told me this - "Acheivements are like the wind. It comes and it goes. No point chasing after the wind."

That's true, isn't it?

If life is just about acheivements, then we will always be chasing for something. One acheivement after another. And there'd be no end to that.

Life should be more than just chasing after the Wind.


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Happy said...

=) when you said this "the cookie crumbled" i realize how true it is. The earthly things we had/owned/chasing/, would crumble one day.

God gave you wisdom too :) and so thanks for sharing this insight!

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