Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baby Oregano

In my balcony, I have a little oregano plant. Today, I'm going to call it Little Ore. (Yes, okay.. I know.. So just today.)

Little Ore is a very small and young plant. I got it as little cutting and was quite surprised that it rooted quite well and is now slowly growing.

I had previously never seen fresh Oregano. I'm so used to using the dried version of oregano in my pizzas that to me, oregano is just tiny little flakes of really strong herbs.

A quick search on the internet revealed some really interesting stuff about growing oregano.

For example:

1. Oregano grows well in full sun and well-drained soil. They actually don't mind a dry soil but lots of sunshine is very neccessary.

(Ops.. I don't give Little Ore enough sun, I think. Maybe that's why he is growing so slowly.)

2. Oregano don't really appreciate fertilizers. They are actually bad for the flavour of the herb.

(Again, ops. I didn't know that. Oh dear, I should hold off on the fertilizers and compost.)

3. Like most herbs, frequent and regular harvesting is actually good for it. The more you harvest, the more it'd produce. The plants can be harvested once it reaches about 4 inches in height and have at least 12 leaves.

(Oh.... Little Ore is there!)

4. Oregano leaves should be harvested early in the morning, just after the dew has dried on the leaves. Once the sun starts warming up the leaves, they begin to lose the oils that provide taste and aroma.

(Point to remember when I start to "harvest". I usually pick the leaves off my herbs during dinner time...)

5. Stronger sun results in stronger flavour. Which means actually oregano is quite suitable to be grown in Singapore's tropical climate, just that it needs to be protected from the heavy rains, I guess

(Again, more sun...)

This little oregano of mine is currently hung in a little corner of my balcony. I should look for a new place for it, where it can get more sun and still get some kind of protection from the rain. And then hopefully, with a bit of TLC, Little Ore will grow up to be like this.. one day..:


Rummi said...

The Little-One will grow into Big-One in no time ! And u need to creat lots of dishes with oregano, hehe.

We had a pot of oregano too, and it just grew and grew and grew, with total disregard to all forms of neglects. When the day finally came that the leaves grew too big (thus became too greenie, not so fragrant), we put him to rest in green-heaven. At the ripe age of year-plus.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hi Rummi.. Oh yes, it is growing more and more quickly now. I went to Oh Chin Huat yesterday and wow.. they have oregano in a bush! haha.

Rummi said...

THAT, will take many meals many many mouths to feed to keep O-plant in shape ;)

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