Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hello Kitty over the years

There was a time when I really liked Hello Kitty.

(Before you conjure up images of pink bedrooms and stationery aka Kitty-hell, I have to let you know that I am not really a collector. For one, I was a fan in my late teens, when I decided to work for my own allowances and when I went to college, my own college fees. So I didn't really have the kind of money at that time to splurge on Hello Kitty artifacts. For another, my room mate already was a "collector" so half of our domitory was already pink... )

At that time, I could look at a Hello Kitty item (only the real one, of course), and let you know which year's Hello Kitty it is...

In case you don't know... every year, Sanrio will release the "new design" of Hello Kitty. You can find each year's design on this website, which is created for Kitty's 35th anniversary:

Here are a few of my favourite designs... (I mostly prefer the vintage Kitty designs..)

This trip to Taiwan, I went to a Hello Kitty restaurant with a new friend and her sister. It was such a cute restaurant. I had a Kitty burger and a Kitty matcha cake. The food was just so-so.. but the atmosphere - Hello Kitty designed furniture, Hello Kitty cakes, girls (including ourselves) going "ohh..." and "ahh..", more than make up for the food.

The restaurant decor and cakes on display....
What I had.. Hello Kitty burger and fries
Cranberry drink.. You can find it all over Taipei now..

The cakes we had.. Matcha Green Tea Cake..


Strawberry Fruit Tart.. The Kitty is made from chocolate..

If you, like me, used to be or are still a fan of Hello Kitty, the restaurant is very near the 忠孝复兴 MRT station, Exit 3.

Hello Kitty Sweets

Address: 台北市大安路一段90号(捷运板南线「忠孝復兴」站3号出口)
Click here for the restaurant's website


Daphne Leong said...

Yes yes, I saw some 35th ann Hello Kitty stuff at Vivocity Sanrio shop today! towels...

Open Kitchen Concept said...

hehe.. Taiwan Macdonalds is having a promotion, 35 types of different Kittys, each in an apple. I managed to get one for my niece.


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