Sunday, August 16, 2009

Leaves problem

I'm having problems with some of the leaves on my tomato plant and malabar spinach..

No idea what they are.. but I'm feeling quite worried. They seemed to have appeared over a couple of days..

White spots on the bottom few leaves
of my tomato plant

White spots on one of the leaves of my malabar spinach.
I'm so creeped out I had to snip it away...

Yesterday, I also found some tiny little worms (white, slimy and really tiny) gnawing at the roots of my hibiscus seedlings and gerbera.


Post-script, added on 17 Aug 09:

Seems that the "problems" with the leaves are not real. The tomato leaves are just a bit scalded by the sun. The malabar spinach (which is also called Ceylon spinach) is fine too. But I was right to remove the leaves.

The problem of the worms are real though. My gerbera is slowing dying away...

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