Friday, August 14, 2009

The Rosemary is not thirsty

This is my third attempt at growing rosemary.

My first rosemary was grown from a cutting. I was so proud of it then (and ahem, of myself as well). Someone from the GCS forum said that they tried many years before they managed to root a rosemary from a cutting. But by a stroke of luck, I managed to root a cutting without rooting hormone (I didn't know what was a rooting hormone then).

But for some reason, it rotted and died pretty soon after that.

My second rosemary was also from a cutting. I started thinking that hey, I must have some luck with rooting rosemary. But the soil mealies came and my second rosemary also went to heaven.

My current rosemary is from World Farm. And it has been doing pretty alright so far (*fingers crossed*). I've even harvested it once for my roasted chicken wings and enjoyed the thrill of picking your own herbs for dinner.

What I have learnt is that the rosemary doesn't need a lot of water. I have to keep telling myself that although the top soil may look a little dry, but the rosemary is not thirsty.

Keeping the watering to once every 3 days has helped this current pot survive.

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