Monday, August 24, 2009

Wilting Basils

I've blogged before that my regular Basils are doing the most poorly amongst my Basil collection.

Now, I think they are slowly dying away...

One day last week, the Basil starts looking unhappier and unhappier.. Watering doesn't help. Nor does fertilizing. I've checked and checked and there are no insects crawling about in the soil.

I've been giving it as much sun as my balcony allows me too. Which should be quite a lot.

But still the Basil wilts.. and some of the leaves, start to drop off at the slightest touch.

It's frustrating.. and perplexing.

It's like deja vu. I had this happened to me before... Only the last time I didn't know about soil mealies and root mealies, so I didn't check for that. I had just assumed that it was the watering problem. And I had to throw out my dying Basil.

This time, I've written a post on the GCS forum and am hoping some experts will drop by to help

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