Friday, September 18, 2009

A dream kitchen in black

I really enjoy going to furniture malls and home furnishings shops.

For someone who never thought about owning an apartment or a house for most parts of her life, I don't think I'd be moving to a new place anytime very soon...

Nevertheless, it's nice to have dreams. And in my dreams, one of my house (of course, in a dream, you are allowed as many houses as you like) has a kitchen in black.

This shiny black kitchen with a dash glossy green is really quite handsome. I like so many things about it:
1. The standalone aluminium and wooden kitchen island in the middle of the kitchen
2. The 2 beautiful wooden chopping boards on the kitchen island
3. The aluminium rack for hanging pots and miscelleneous kitchen utensils
4. The tile-like black glass feature wall
5. The glossy black cabinets with all the nifty organisation units and compartments inside. And the doors shut so nicely too.. Not with a bang, but oh-so-gently..
6. The kitchen sink where you can fit a drying rack on top of the small sink bowl

It is such a nice kitchen... I imagine cooking beautiful roasts, salads and all kinds of bakes in it. Yum Yum!

This kitchen has a stand-alone kitchen island in the middle

I like the plate rack that fits into the sink bowl.. and the kitchen cabinets

The wooden kitchen chopping board is so Rachel Rae!
It'd making cutting and chopping fun, I suppose..

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