Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Formula One's Night Race

After being a semi-Formula One fan for many years, I finally managed to watch a Formula One race live on Sunday.

We went into the racing area at about 3pm, wondering what on earth we should do from 3pm to 8pm, which is when the race starts.

It turned out there were other races earlier in the day - Aston Martin Asia Cup Race, Formula BMW Second Race and Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Race. The races were all pretty fun to watch, and we went around the different viewing areas to check out which were the best spots to catch a good view of the race.

But when Formula One started, I finally realised and understand why there are people who will invest so much money in this sport. The adrenalin rush that you get from even watching the race! The sound and speed of the cars were quite amazing, if you can even call those things cars..

Anyway, it was a fun experience and perhaps, I'd do it again next year...

Just perhaps..

F1 tickets - Sunday's race

View of the track and surrounding area

An F1 car zooming by..

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