Sunday, September 6, 2009

Retreat at Johore

Having not gone for any retreat for the longest time.. It's nice to attend a really short one just a stone's throw away from Singapore.

It's my first time at a GB retreat. Although short, there are many lessons I managed to learnt.

Lessons on trust - On how to trust God, how to earn trust, how not to break trust..

Lessons on being winners instead of victims in life - Victims lay blame, justify and complain. And it is so easy to do these 3. But by simply not doing them, we gain a whole lot more positive attitude about life.

What I enjoyed most about this retreat though, was the people I went with. Some of them were old friends I know well.. some were old friends I don't know that well.. and some were new friends.

The group of us at the retreat

The retreat is nice on the whole. Except I caught a chill from the strong air-conditioning.. and hence simply can't continue blogging any further as my nose has turned into a running tap.

Time to rest.

Post Script, updated 8 Sep:
Happy updated this picture after we came back from the retreat. We were all coloured red because we were all wearing red for the retreat, since we were in the red team.. Is a nice picture, ya?

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