Sunday, September 20, 2009

What I didn't know about chiffon cakes

Yesterday, The Husband and I attended the second class of the baking course we signed up for.

This class was called "The Art of Chiffon Cakes".

As I've not baked any cake that is not a butter cake, I was rather looking forward to this class.

Yesterday, I learnt a few things I never knew about chiffon cakes...

Number 1 - Chiffon cakes are only called chiffon cakes when you bake them in a chiffon pan (those tube pans where there is a funnel that rises up in the centre.

Number 2 - Cream of tartar, which is usually added to a chiffon cake, is actually an acid. I've always thought it is some type of cream, belonging to the family of whipped cream, fresh cream, heavy cream etc.

Number 3 - Chiffon cakes were invented only in 1927, by this guy called Harry Baker. I had thought the it was invented in Japan, because chiffon cakes seemed so loved there.

Number 4 - Chiffon cakes actually do contain egg yolks! I always thought it was a cake made of egg whites and flour...

We made 3 cakes yesterday - Golden Citrus Chiffon Cake (with orange and lemon), Banana Chiffon Cake and Pandan Chiffon.

I felt quite nervous about beating up the egg whites.. I mean, beating til soft peak, firm peak.. etc.. and then folding in the mixture and not stirring it in. All that seems very intangible, very mistress-of-the-kitchen to me..

In the end, all 3 cakes tasted pretty good, especially the second and third one that we made.

I think I should practise making chiffon cakes more..

Preparations during class

The Golden Citrus Cake

The Pandan Chiffon Cake


Hap(py) said...


evan 이벤젤린 said...

the chiffon cakes look mighty high & nice! i think cream of tartar is not necessary and i don't use it (not stated in the japanese patisserie cookbooks that i use too). i think it doesnt affect the outcome alot :D

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