Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fancier Cakes

Today is the fourth and final lesson of our cake baking course.

It was a hectic class because we had to make "fancier cakes" today...

We made 3 cakes from scratch in about 3 plus hours - Blackforest Cake, Checked Pandan Kaya Cake and Sweetcorn Cake.

That's quite a bit of work to do.. so I kind of forgot all about taking photos until the end of the class.

Obviously, we have a lot more to learn about cake assembly and decorations.. but I am beginning to realise that patience is very key for bakers.. You really need to have the patience and perserverance to bake a cake.. cook the filling... whip the cream.. and then put it all together..

It's fun.. but not easy..

My take on this cake-baking course is that.. it's good but I really much prefer the bread making course at this same school.. I feel that I learnt a lot more during that course than at this one.. Not that I didn't learn anything in this one.. but I've never baked a bread in my life before until I attended the bread making course, so I guess everything was fresh and new for me.

So, for those who have never baked a cake before.. this is quite a useful course to go for. It's quite fun to be able to bring home so many cakes after every class..

Now, if only I know someone whose birthday is tomorrow..

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