Thursday, October 29, 2009

A new pet..?

They say that a dog is Man's best friend. And I've found myself repeatedly tempted recently to get a "best friend" for myself as well.

Temptation #1: One of my neighbours have 2 beautiful big dogs. I enjoy seeing her with her dogs - they are like her companions.

She talks to them like she would to a friend or family member. "Rascal, I'm going off.. Are you coming?.." And sometimes she talks as if she is talking to a child. "Rusty, you are so slow! Hurry up!"

Temptation #2: Another fellow blogger has a new dog she is training to adjust to her home.. just as she is adjusting to having him around.

Her blogs about her dog... were just so heartwarming,,

Temptation #3: Oakley.

The last time I met Oakley, she was just a baby. She was rather small (so far as a Husky can be called small), had dark circles around her eyes.. and was still quite spotted.

Yesterday, the Oakley I saw is a now big girl. She looked quite awesome when she is standing still. But then as she as she moves around, you know that she is still quite puppy-like in nature. She loves to play.. likes to get her treats.. dig up stuff in the garden... chew on the gotu kola by the main gate.. and hang around her mistress.

And her mistress obviously loves her very much - with her facebook jam-full of Oakley pictures.. taking leave to celebrate Oakley's birthday.. baking cookies only for Oakley (when she hardly even cook for herself.. much less to say bake).

There's just something special between these dogs and their mistresses.

Co-orperative Oakley posing for me.. and her "supply of gotu kola"

But I know that I have to resist these temptations..

For one, if I get a new dog.. my new dog will be pitiful.. because I'd want a BIG dog. And he'd be a BIG dog with little room to play.

And besides, I have said before, albeit at a tender age of 14, that I wouldn't get another dog when Max (my old dog) died in a car accident.

So maybe I should only get a dog if I ever move to a bigger place... then I'd have to teach him to watch for cars and cross the road properly.

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petunialee said...

This is such a poignant post... So sad!

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