Thursday, November 26, 2009

The 100 Cupcakes Challenge - Part 3

Today is The Day.

The Day that I have to bake 100 cupcakes.

Saturday will be when I have to do the frosting for 100 cupcakes.

But I'm feeling more confident about Saturday because I have just finished making 100 cupcakes.. and am still alive and unhurt, except for an aching back and a tiny burn..

To be precise, I baked 111 cupcakes (Who's counting..) and ate 2 of them (Well, someone has got to test them, right?) And so now, I have 109 cupcakes sitting nicely in my kitchen.

I ended up making half a batch more than what I posted in Part 2, partly because I found out that my muffin cups weren't that mini after all.. (although I must say they looked pretty mini to me in the store..)

 I also ended up making some chocolate chip cupcakes and marble cupcakes.. just for fun and variety.

My cupcakes look very "home-made" - they are all filled up to different heights.. some too little batter, others too much...

But hey.. they taste pretty good.. so.. who cares!

Watch out for Part 4 on Saturday - Cupcakes with Frosting... I'd try to take pictures of those done by me and by The Girls..

Home-made cupcakes...

Cooled and in boxes.. I still can't believe I made so many cupcakes..

100 cupcakes packed away.. Now, where can I store them...?


petunialee said...

You can keep them in my stomach?

evan 이벤젤린 said...

can i hv a tiny little one on monday? :p

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