Monday, November 23, 2009

Meeting Brick Walls

I have a simple dream.

(Actually, I have many. But this is one of them)

I dream of having my own little sit-down cafe.. where students can catch up with one another after school.. where friends meet up for chit-chat on weekends.. where siblings share a dessert and update each other over a cup of coffee.. where tired folks come in after work and get a little refreshment that keeps going.. and where families come in for a lazy weekend brunch and family bonding time..

And where I get to cook and bake only stuff I like to eat.. and feel like cooking or baking each day...

One day, I'd open this laissez-faire cafe of mine..

Coming back to reality, I have decided a few months back that I will start small in my F&B endeavours.

I'd open a take-away F&B counter somewhere in this small island. My concept is ready and as in my menu... many things require fine tuning.. but they are more or less in place..

But but but... I can't find a shop space.

They are either too big.. or too expensive.. or too quiet.. or just simply not suitable.

But mostly, I just get the same response - "No space available.. til at least Q3 of next year.."

I will not.. and must not let this brick wall stop me.

For as Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch said in his final lecture:
"Brick walls are there for a reason. They let us prove how badly we want things."

"The brick walls are there to stop people who don't want it badly enough. They're there to stop the other people."

I have to get over this brick wall to get a step closer to this particular dream of mine. There will be so many more ahead of me in future.


Blur Ting said...

Oh, this is exciting! Can't wait to hear about it so I can help you keep a look out for suitable space when I come across any. You go girl!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh Ting.. this was written in 2009. I'm no longer actively looking to start a biz now.. but I'm open to options so if you do see a suitable space.. let me know!

Sweet Pea Yeo said...

Hi, would you reconsider this business option again as i share the same dream.....but i am not only stopped by the brickwall but also the courage to take the first step.

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