Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Riders Cafe

We almost missed this little sign because the board above the main door said Saddle Club

I liked the name of this cafe even before I went there. Riders cafe - where you can see horses and riders.. Sounds so cool!

And you know, I did see a couple of horses when I went... and a couple of riders.. or at least, they were wearing riding gear...

I really like eating brunch and I invariably have eggs for brunch, since eggs are my favourite food.

And that was what I ordered at Riders cafe - Eggs Benedict.

Eggs Benedict - 2 eggs with ham and muffins, potatoes and a small fruits salad

The egg yolks weren't as runny as I would have liked them.. (Eggs benedict should look like this. A friend of mine made this.. quite amazing.. right?).. and the food strangely didn't come piping hot.. but otherwise, it was a very pleasant meal. The coffee was good. The atmosphere and the company was excellent.

The restaurant has an almost colonial feel to it - black and white with no air-conditioning and the slight smell of horses. I almost forgot that I was in Singapore after a while.. and didn't really miss the air-conditioner. I just really wished the resident cat didn't stroll in to take a nap halfway through our brunch because I kept glancing over after that to make sure it didn't drop by our table. (I'm terrified of C-A-Ts.. it's an irrational but very real fear.)

The egg yolks weren't quite runny.. and The Cat came in for a nap.

Riders Cafe
51 Fairways Drive Singapore 286965
Telephone : (65) 64669819


petunialee said...

Yup! I thought the food at Rider's Cafe could be better. The ambience is good but the food is blah...

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Yes.. and I went away very inspired to make myself a good breakfast one day! hehe.. :)

365days2play said...

Sounds like a very nice place for a cafe. I would love for the cat to drop in too! Cats are so cute.......they rarely attack...

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