Saturday, December 12, 2009

Homegrown Lady's Fingers

My Okra plant is all grown up.

She is now bearing a proud little fruit, just about 2 inches long.

A few websites have some really good tips on growing and harvesting the Lady's Fingers plant.

Here are a few tips I found particularly useful:
1. Harvest the okra when the pods are young as they become tough, woody, and inedible if left on the plant until they mature, usually under one week. (Some sources say 4 days)
2. If growing conditions are good, even larger okra can still be tender and edible. Test for tenderness by snapping off the end of a pod. If it snaps, it hasn’t become touch and fibrous yet and should still be good for eating.
3. Maturing, older pods sap strength that could go to keeping the plant producing new pods daily. Unless you desire ripe pods for seed saving, overmature pods should be removed
4. Okra plants do not like to be transplanted, so make sure you grow them in large enough pots if growing from seeds so that you do not have to move them.



evan 이벤젤린 said...

omgggg u really can grow anything and everything my dear!! seriously la, u hv green fingers! now u inspire me to grow something as well, maybe herbs to begin with. if only i hv a nice balcony like yours :(

i wanna grow mint!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh Evan.. I wish I have.. but alas I don't.. I propagated some regular mints for you.. if they survive my trip, will pass to you.. The choc mints I didn't propagate.. my choc mints were severely attacked by insects.. :(

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