Monday, January 4, 2010

Bouncy Beef Balls

Lok Yuen sells the best beef balls.

They sell all kinds of beef balls but I like the regular and black pepper beef balls best.

Once, my brother-in-law asked me to buy a whole kilo of frozen beef balls back for him. We bought them, wrapped them in newspaper and brought the beef balls all the way from Mongkok back to Singapore.

But we realised that somehow, they don't taste as good when we cook them ourselves.

So nowadays, I never bother to buy any back home to cook.

I'm happy with just a bowl of piping hot beef balls with flat rice noodles (hor fun, or what we call kuay-teow in Singapore) whenever I go Mongkok. The place is now nicely renovated and much bigger (it seems) than before. And they still serve Coke in those nostalgic greenish bottles.

Bouncy beef balls - yummy!

樂園牛丸大王 Lok Yuen Beef Ball King
Address: 旺角西洋菜南街138號
Mongkok Sai Yeung Choi Street No. 138

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