Friday, January 1, 2010

First Post of 2010

It is annoying to have off my blog for the new year like this... but this post will be a grumbly one.. because that's how I'm feeling precisely at this moment.

Right now, I wish I was home.

Right now, even Hong Kong (the place I feel most at home at next to Singapore) is not the right place for me. The weather is too cold and damp. The dampness is the air is getting into my bones and making me ache. Even the food suddenly doesn't seem that appealing to me. Living out of my luggage, with its limited change of clothes and shoes (or rather shoe) is really getting to me.

Right now, even my new Macbook Pro, all new and silvery, with a nice matt red protective cover, doesn't soothe my feelings... because I am so not used to using it... and the new Windows Office applications that come with it..

I guess I am just home-sick.

I miss my bed, the weather in Singapore, my endless change of clothes and shoes (ok, endless is an exaggeration.. but compared to my luggage, what I have at home seem endless), my fridge, my washing machine (who'd have guessed) and my plants.

And I've just found out that my parents have accidentally lost my entire set of keys (home and car).


I wish I could 'apparate' back home right now.


Happy said...

awww *pat pat*

Ur plants are doing fine?

Open Kitchen Concept said...

:) I'd know this evening... But 2 weeks of no watering... I'm quite sure some of them.. like my rosemary and oregano.. have gone to heaven... At times like these I'm glad I have no pets...

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