Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Provence Bakery & Cafe

We went to France for our honeymoon and our first stop in France was Aix en Provence, where we lingered over for a few days... touring around a little bit.. doing very little and eating very well.

In my mind, Provence is a place of leisure.. where you don't hurry Time to go along fast. You linger over your breakfast.. go for a walk.. pop by a museum.. have a long lunch.. step into a few tiny shops.. have a slow cup of coffee.. loiter around the streets.. have dinner.. and then read a book before you retire for the night.

Besides time passing by very slowly, I remember Provence for Paul Cezanne, lavender products and very good food... and bread.

So when I was really happy that this lovable bakery at Holland Village has such an apt name - Provence Bakery & Cafe (I like the names of their express stores even more - Petit Provence.)

Even if it is actually a Japanese bakery, and not a French one.

The breads there were really very good, a notch up from the usual bakery chain stores you find in malls all over Singapore.

I tried the Milk Bun and Cream Cheese Sesame. The former is light and fluffy, with a very light and creamy filling. The later is a mini sesame croissant with slightly salty cream cheese filling.

I can only say.. I wish I can make breads this good.

Provence Bakery & Cafe
Address: 17A Lorong Liput Holland Village
Tel: 6467 6966

Whilst looking for a suitable picture for this post, I found 2 photos 
of the "No-Knead Bread" The Husband made a couple of weeks ago.. 
I shall, however, remain silent on this until we (or rather he) perfect this.. :)

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