Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baked Sliced Apples - Recipes anyone?

The packaging - see the picture behind that shows how this is made?

I bought this little snack from the Osaka airport when we were leaving Japan.

It is supposed to be an award winning snack.... and it just looked so interesting I had to buy it.

The picture behind the packaging shows how this little snack is made:
  • Firstly, Someone grates an apple into a batter
  • Then, The Someone cutts up a large apple into thin slices
  • The Someone then puts some batter on a baking tray and places the thinly sliced fresh apples on top.
  • And although not shown in the picture, presumably, they bake it

After baking, you get a fragrant and pretty little snack, with a rather strong apple flavour that goes well with a hot cup of English Breakfast.

A very pretty looking snack

It looks like something that will also taste pretty good home-made too.. only.. I have googled but couldn't find any similar recipes out there.

Should anyone out there know how to make baked sliced apples, please kindly share it with me...


Rummi said...

Luv japanese food. Just the looks of them are enticing enuff to break a diet-plan :D

I hv no idea how the bake apple slices and grated-apple comes into the picture together.

Wat i'd done is simply baked apple slices.

petunialee said...

Ummmmmm... the picture is unclear. I agree with Rummi. Maybe we can taste and then suggest. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Yeah.. so vague instructions.. even the Japanese wordings don't say very much.. :( OK, one day when I'm very free I'd try a few different ways and see if any of it taste good..

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