Monday, March 8, 2010

City'Super - A Superb Supermarket

If you, like me, enjoy shopping at a supermarket, then City'Super is one you do not want to miss.

I always make sure I visit at least one City'Super when I go to Hong Kong. And if I can help it, I try to go to a couple of them.

It really has everything a great supermarket ought to have - fresh produce, very varied and very interesting products.

I often think that the buyers at City'Super must be one of the best in the industry.. City'Super never fails to surprise me with the variety of things it carries.. it's not the quantity.. oh no.. it's how they always have the newest snacks from the US.. the limited edition chocolates from Japan.. freshly flown in crabs from Alaska.. purple corn from Taiwan.. wine from Sicily.. and so on.

It's a really fun place to shop. It's like watching one of those programmes on TV where they bring you all around the world to shop because there are just so many interesting stuff from all over the world... only you are just in a single supermarket.

Each time I go to the one near our place in Hong Kong, I'd tell The Husband that we should consider living in Hong Kong.. just so that I can have the pleasure of buying my groceries at City'Super.

City'Super at Shatin - unfortunately, they do not allow pictures 
inside the store.. so I only took pictures from the outside..

If you ever go Hong Kong, be sure to pop by.. They have a few outlets around Hong Kong - check their website for more..


Fresh Fry aka 福星 said...

it's a grocery heaven! i love to visit the one in IFC. and there's one comparable on in taipei Xi Men Ding, name which i forgot, is great too! i first new the deep ocean mineral water from there.

its a new super drink discovered in japan and passed onto taiwan. it's plain water taken from a few thousand metres deep from the ocean, pack and sold. said to be high in minerals and stuff. i tried 2 brands and think its good stuff. has a scent + aroma of the ocean as opposed to mineral water from the ground.

s'pore just got this stuff recently, but to be bought via MLM. a friend was telling me abt this and i laughed. i said the japs have been taking them for years already, old news already. kekekeke......

Blur Ting said...

Of all the different kinds of shopping, I like supermarket shopping the most!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Yes.. Fry, it is! I really like that place a lot. Japanese supermarkets are also very good, of course..

Ting, me too! Is something I do all the time - in Singapore and on holidays!

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