Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Interesting breads

Japanese bakeries are very interesting places for me.

Japanese cakes, of course, are very distinct - usually light and fluffy.. and not too sweet..

What I really liked in the bakeries though, are the breads. They mostly have a very distinct... hm... Japanese taste to them. A lot of bakeries we came across this time are going into artisan breads - sourdoughs and crusty, European looking breads.

But the typical Japanese bakery is still serving up very pretty looking breads that are just so super soft that I wonder if additives (which most bakeries add to their breads) really can make such a great difference.

And they are very creative with their creations - Some of the more interesting ones we had this trip were sweet potato and apple pie, melon-cream buns, apple and cream cheese bread, oyster buns. We also saw bread made with charcoal.. although we didn't get to try it out.

I have to get more creative with my baking..

Oyster Fried Buns - a bit like a doughnut with oyster chowder inside..

Cheese bun with 2 kinds of cheese

Melon buns with fresh cream and melon flavoured custard. 
Sounds odd but it was good

Apple with cream cheese bun - so good I could have it everyday if it were in Singapore

Karubi (barbeque meat) toast with a sunny side up


Blur Ting said...

MMm, making me hungry again!

petunialee said...

I love your blog. Even if you think it isn't interesting.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Ting, yes.. even I feel hungry looking at this pictures.. Petunia, thanks for your encouragement...

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