Monday, May 31, 2010

Wonder Noodle Sauce

A yummy dinner in about 10 minutes

We always make sure that we have a bottle of this "Wonder Noodle Sauce" at home.. whether in Singapore or otherwise.

This little bottle of "Wonder Noodle Sauce" is actually a Si-chuan Sauce and is so-called because it can really make a very plain bowl of noodles yummy.

Occasionally, I'd buy a whole kg of fresh noodles from the noodles store at the local wet market. Then, I'd divide the noodles up into individual servings an then freeze them.

On days when I don't feel like eating out and have no time to cook, I'd throw the noodles into a pot of boiling water. In a separate pot, I'd cook some vegetables and fish balls or beef balls.

When the noodles are almost done, I'd dunk them into an ice-water bath before returning them to the pot with the vegetables and beef balls.

To serve, I'd drain off all the water and add a dollop of the "Wonder Noodle Sauce".. and viola, dinner is served! All it takes is about 10 minutes.. and it taste so much better than any instant noodles.

This Amoy brand Spicy Sichuan Sauce is unfortunately, not available in Singapore.

I get my supplies from Hong Kong. It is also available in Australia, US and Canada, according to Amoy's website.

Extra Hot Spicy Sichuan-Style Noodle Sauce 
- a small bottle goes a long way..

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