Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Purple flowers

Pretty purple flowers. 
See the little bud on the bottom right? There are plenty more lurking around.. :)

The plant I bought recently has bloomed! And the man at the nursery was right - the flowers are a very nice shade of purple indeed.

I still have no clue what plant this is, actually.

The plant when I first brought it home..


Anonymous said...

It looks like a blue snapdragon. Sticky leaves, right?


Leah said...

Hi OKC, the plant you have there is called Otacanthus caerulus, aka Amazon Blue. It is a plant I like for the pretty flowers and easy propagation (cut a woody part of the stem, stick it into soil ad water).

Had been waiting for your list II of things to do. A list like this can be a wonderful conversation topic. I highly recommend New Zealand's South Island which I am really wild about for its glaciers and raw beauty. I hope to go on the 5-day Hillary trail (named after Sir Edmund Hillary) one day...

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Thanks Sky and Leah.. I think Leah is right! It is an Amazon Blue.. i search some pics off Google and they look exactly like mine. Good to kno they grow and propagate easily.

I really do hope to go to New Zealand's South Island too! I heard Milford Sound is really beautiful too..

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