Sunday, June 27, 2010

A regular Sunday morning

Bendemeer Market and Food Centre. Picture from NEA website

On a regular Sunday morning, The Husband and I would get up "late" (for us, it means after 7:30am) and go to church. After church, we'd go for breakfast. Breakfast would be usually at this place called Bendemeer Market & Food Centre. This food centre is a short drive away from our church and it has some of the best breakfast fare in town.

There are 3 particular stores I really like.

The first store is a coffee stall called Seng Hin Coffee Stall. The owner of the store is quite an interesting character.. and he has an excellent memory. He knows how The Husband and I like our local coffee - "Kopi C kosong", which is local coffee with carnation milk, without sugar. And he also knows that sometimes we like to have tea or a slightly different order, so he'd always confirm what we want. For some of his other regular customers, he'd just deliver the drink to them when he sees them.

The second store is this store called Singapore Bao.. and it sells "bao", or handmade steamed buns - they literally make it by hand on the spot. The problem with this stall is that there is only 1 person making the baos.. so the supply is limited in that sense. There is usually a long queue in front of the store every half hour or so. When there isn't a queue, you would know that the baos are still not ready. "Still steaming - come back later" would be the response from the owner.

The third store is a store that sells fried carrot cake. I don't know the name of this store and I do not even really like their fried carrot cake.. But they also sell assorted teochew kuehs - which they will panfry with an egg, chilli and black sauce upon your request. This dish ends up look really messy.. but absolutely delicious and satisfying.

The next time you happen to drop by Bendemeer food centre on a Sunday morning, look out for me at one of these stalls!

One of the best local coffee in town - from Seng Hin Coffee Stall.. 
The coffee is very strong and fragrant

 One of the best handmade bao in Singapore - the meat is juicy 
and the skin of the bun is fluffy

Pan-fried Teochew kueh with egg - better than any fried carrot cake!

Teochew kuehs are usually eaten like this - plain, with a little sweet black sauce. 
Even on their own, they taste very good.. Picture from

Bendemeer Market and Food Centre
Bendemeer Road Blk 29
Link to NEA website

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auntielucia said...

My goodness! I've been to the Bendemeer bits n pieces (Blk 33)around the food centre, twice monthly for almost all my life and yet have never eaten any of the stuff u described.

Will check them out on my next trip!

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