Sunday, October 3, 2010

Homemade Onde Onde

We had a special dinner at my parent's place tonight to celebrate my brother's birthday.

I decided to make some onde onde for dessert. I have learnt how to make onde onde in August from A, and it was time to put what I've learnt into practice.

It wasn't too difficult to get the ingredients for the onde onde (or sometimes spelt as ondeh ondeh).

But I did buy the wrong kind of freshly grated coconut. I did not tell the seller to remove the skin of the coconut - so the grated coconuts came with all the bits of brown coconut skin.. which is no good for anything but squeezing coconut milk. So I had to go to the market again to get the correct ones, which should look like this. The freshly grated coconut should look like this:

For some reason, the "skin" of the onde onde was very soft.. and some of the gula melaka leaked out as I boiled them.. so my mum said she ate a couple with no gula melaka inside! Otherwise though, I thought they tasted great. I'd have to try wrapping more gula melaka inside next time so that the coconut sugar syrup will "burst" out when one bites into the onde onde.

The onde onde before boiling

After boiling, roll the onde onde in freshly 
grated coconut and dessert is ready

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