Friday, October 1, 2010

Very Skinny Pizza

I've always wanted to try this restaurant - Skinny Pizza at Suntec. When they opened a branch at Raffles City, I knew it was the next place to go for lunch with G, when she comes over during lunch time to eat with me.

I like pizzas with thin crust, so I often make thin crust pizzas myself. But the pizzas at Skinny Pizza are reaaaallly very skinny - the crust is paper thin, like a very thin cracker.

The food there is delicious. We had the Squid Ink pizza, which came with a thin, wafer-thin black crust with prawns, calamari, onions and arugula leaves. The squid ink sauce is really nice - it tasted like squid ink with mayonnaise. The pizza is not small but because of the crust, it is not that filling... and certainly not that sufficient for two.

We had the pizza together with an Ahi Taki salad, which waas a really nice salad with some grilled maguro (tuna) chunks with raisins, pistachios, avocado, tomatoes and arugula leaves.

Overall, I had a really good meal at Skinny Pizza and I think it might just be one of my new favourite restaurants.

The price is a bit on a high side.. but all the ingredients used are really quite fresh and good.

Skinny Pizza
Raffles City Shopping Centre, basement 1

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