Monday, November 22, 2010

Eggy breakfast at Botak Backyard

We sometimes visit the Botak Jones store near our place for their steak and fish burger.

I found out recently that Botak Jones opened a new restaurant called Botak Backyard around the Dempsey area. I also saw on their website that they have recently started serving breakfast at the Botak Backyard.

I love eating breakfast on weekends, so we decided to drop by this place on Sunday morning after church. I liked the place even as we were walking it. It is literally like the backyard of this other kid's golf place. The restaurant is all open air, very casual and has a somewhat vacation-like feel to it... I think the vacation-like feel came from the fact that it wasn't overly crowded, like most other popular breakfast spots in town.

The menu is reasonably priced but the breakfast selection was eggs, eggs and then more eggs. I think they also had cereals for those who didn't want eggs. But nothing beyond that.

I ordered the omelet with shitake mushrooms and it meant no more eggs for me for the next 2 weeks because the omelet consisted of 4 medium sized eggs! It was pretty good but did I mention it was 4 eggs!? The Husband and R both had the eggs and bacon, which came with 2 eggs so their breakfast was a little less scary.. 

The food wasn't drop dead fabulous or fantastic, but it was pretty decent and the coffee was good. The portions were certainly healthy (or unhealthy depending on how you view it) and the place was rather nice. It is also conveniently located near the botanical gardens, which would be a good spot to go after breakfast to walk off those 4 egg omelets.

Omelet with shitake mushrooms

Eggs and bacon

I would go back there again on a leisurely Sunday morning before too many people find out about this place.

P/S: I found some really cool lomo camera apps in iStore - these pictures were all taken with the iPhone.

Botak Backyard
Add: 130E Minden Road
Tel: +65-65091225
Breakfast is served only on Thurs - Sun


Blur Ting said...

I would love to have breakfast there! Yes, the photos are lovely. My son is bugging me to get him an iphone.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Thanks Ting. Oh the iphone is very addictive...

Malar said...

The food look tempting but the name is really funny "Botak" ! hahahaha....

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