Monday, December 6, 2010

Brotzeit - German Food & Beer

I know only a few things about German and food. Here's the list of what I know:
- Blackforest cake is German. It is named after the liquor from the Black Forest region in Germany
- Pretzels are German too
- Ritter Sport is from Germany and my favourite flavour is yogurt
- Pork Knuckles made in the crispy way taste a bit like "siew yok" (Chinese roasted pork)
- German sausages come in 1001 variety and most of them taste pretty good
- Sauerkraut is sour cabbages and usually served with pork knuckles and sausages
- The Germans like their beer

But inspite of my little knowledge of German food, my stomach tells me that Brotzeit serves good German fare.

The sausage platter was good. I really liked the sausages, especially the ones called N├╝rnberger. The pork knuckle looked very good. (I didn't eat much of it because I'm still adverse to pork in its rawest form after not eating it for more than a decade.) It sounded really crispy though, because you could hear even the next table crunching away. The sauerkraut was nice and sour and yet not too sour. And of course, the ice-cold beer washes everything down well.

A nice place to visit, especially if you are very into meat.

Brotzeit German Bier Bar and RestaurantVivoCity, HarbourFront Walk,
Singapore 098585
Tel: (65) 6272 8815

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Blur Ting said...

Everything looks delicious in the photos!

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