Thursday, January 6, 2011

Taroko National Park - Swallow Grotto

Some trails at Taroko can be dangerous because of falling rocks - visitors have been injured and killed even by falling slabs of marble.. Hence, there are lots of signs along more "dangerous" sections of the gorge. A particular section was closed to the general public when we were there, as work is being done to clear off loose rocks from the cliffs above the walking trails.

The Swallow Grotto, however, is a safe and pleasant, slightly downhill walking trail. If you ever go to Taroko and have time for only 1 trail, I would recommend this one.

This part of Taroko Gorge is composed of marble cliff faces covered with small holes, the result of long-term erosion by river and ground water. Swallows used to nest here, giving the place its name.

There are lots of interesting rock formations to see along the way, the accompanying music of the trickling stream at times and the louder sound of gushing water at various points of the river makes the 40 mins trail even more pleasant.

Come walk with me along the path!


petunialee said...

I think Little Boy will enjoy this park.

Stephanie said...

Nice place! Looking down from that height is a bit scary. Love the graphics on the signages.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

I like this National Park too, Petunia! It has fresh air, water, rocks, trees and flowers.. my kind of place..

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