Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Up and About Again

The sky is gloomy but the little breeze is great

It started with a very sore throat on Sunday morning that didn't subside in spite of the anti-inflammatory pills I took. And then my body starting aching all over because of the high fever.

On Monday morning, the doctor declared that I had a throat infection of sorts and ordered me to rest in bed for 2 days.

Which was what I did and I'm so glad I took his instructions pretty much literally.

Because I am up and about now, able to taste food again somewhat and enjoy the nice little breeze out there in my balcony now because of the rain earlier this afternoon.

Yes, it's nice to feel healthy again. It reminds me that our health is the most important thing, no matter what we think.

My lantanas seem to like the combination of hot and 
rainy weather we are having in March


milka said...

I'd been sick, and now my daughter's turn. March is good for the plants but not for us. Rest well and eat well, get well soon.

petunialee said...

Glad you're better now!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hi Milka, you are right.. the weather isn't very good for us now. Thanks and I hope your daughter will get better soon!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Thanks Petunia!

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