Monday, June 6, 2011

Gordon Ramsey's The Narrow

The Narrow is a pub cum restaurant at Limehouse, a place about 1 DLR (light rail) station away from Canary Wharf.

I wanted to go there for a meal when I found out that Gordon Ramsey owns this place. Of course, he owns many other restaurants which I'd love to go to as well.. but this place is so near where I stayed in London I felt I have to go.

The Narrow is a pretty popular place and it can get really quite crowded during the weekends. Overall, I wouldn't say the food there is particularly amazing.

I was there on Sunday for dinner so I tried their Roast Chicken with potatoes fried in goose fat. The potatoes were sinfully good but the roast chicken was very passe. The skin was crispy and sauce was great but the meat just wasn't tender enough for me.

Dessert was good too but really nothing to shout about - we tried brownies with vanilla ice-cream and bread and butter pudding with walnut ice-cream.

I did enjoy the Pear cider a lot though - and a great view of Thames River as the sun is setting.

The Narrow
44 Narrow Street
London E14 8DP
Tel: (44) 020-7592-7950


Blur Ting said...

Apple cider - you can't go wrong with that choice. I love ciders!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Yum. I love apple cider. Pear cider I've never had prior to this.. but it's yummy too!

Lrong said...

The food looks so good... especially the fish...

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