Monday, September 5, 2011

Open Kitchen Concept Design - Part 2

As promised previously..

Here are some kitchen pictures and sites I really like. Enjoy!

I like the white beams and the lamps in this kitchen. And the chairs are just so cute..

The natural lighting of this kitchen is great! I like the combination of country styled furnishings with pretty lights and designer chairs.

This kitchen is so sleek and cool looking, it's hard to believe it's an Ikea kitchen. BTW, this picture comes from a really nice blog called Solid Frog - a blog with beautiful pictures of beautiful homes.

Spacious and simple. Nothing to dislike about this kitchen, except I'd be scared to cook in it... for fear of messing it up!

And lastly... for a whole lot more of kitchen pictures and ideas, see this and this. These pages are sources of inspiration.


Malar said...

I can't cook in this kind of kitchen too! It will be a show unit in my house! ;)

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hehe.. show unit.. yes.. except it is a very spacious one. But I love the look

Blur Ting said...

I see that you like to have an island in your kitchen. Me too!
I would like to have a wet kitchen also, to cook up a storm.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Yes Ting.. I like islands! I have sort of an island, separating my kitchen from the living room.. but a real standalone type of an island in the middle of the kitchen is something I dream about.... :)

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