Sunday, October 9, 2011

Baked Portobello Mushrooms

I've found another use, apart from using it on toasts and in roasted chicken, for my homemade sundried tomatoes butter - baked mushrooms!

I saw some beautiful mini portobello mushrooms at the supermarket yesterday, and couldn't resist buying a pack home.

These baked mushrooms are really easy to make. I chopped up 2 cloves of garlic, a bunch of coriander and mixed them with some of the sundried tomatoes butter. Then, I laid the mushrooms out on a ceramic baking tray, seasoned them generously with some sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper. Each mushroom gets a dollop of the garlic, coriander and butter.

The mushrooms are baked at 180 deg C for about 15 mins. When eating, be careful of the juices when you pick the mushrooms out. The juices from the mushroom, mixed with the spices are heavenly. Don't waste a single drop!

Baked mushrooms are really juicy.. slurp!


thegardenilivein said...

This looks really, really good. I might try making it one day. =D

Blur Ting said...

Yes, they make me drool. Now I am wondering if I could do the same with a pack of shitake mushrooms i have in the fridge. I don't like the smell of fresh shitake, so I wonder if the combination of herbs will mask that strong smell.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Thanks Sky!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh.. Ting, I wanted to try a variation of this - maybe you can try it.. garlic + coriander + chopped red chillis + chopped mushrooms.. and a dash of fish sauce :) Might be suitable for the more "Asian" shitake mushroom :D

Malar said...

Look so yummy! You're really good in cooking i guess!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Thanks Malar, you made my day!

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