Sunday, October 2, 2011

Easy 3 Minutes Salad

This is one variation of my 3-minutes salad.

This is really really easy to make and extremely hard to go wrong.

All you need for this salad are:
- A large bowl of baby spinach
- A handful of raisins
- Some toasted sesame seeds
- A sprinkling of Japanese seaweed mixed seasoning (the kind you add to Japanese rice to make onigiri - mine is a mix of seaweed, bonito flakes and sesame seeds)
- Japanese sesame dressing

Mixed everything together and you get an appetizing, refreshing salad!

The Japanese seasoning mix - It comes well seasoned 
so you don't have to add any salt or seasoning to the salad

This salad can be made in different ways but with the same combination of Japanese seasoning and sesame seeds. For example, you can use:
- Rocket Leaves or Butterhead Lettuce
- Dried Cranberries instead of raisins
- Balsamic vinegar dressing instead of Japanese sesame dressing

You can also add some raw salmon slices to dress up this salad.. or go fruity with some canned peaches and cherry tomatoes.

Whatever the combination, it shouldn't take you a lot more than 3 minutes to put this salad together.


Wen-ai said...

Thanks for this easy and yummy recipe!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

You are very much welcome indeed, Wen-ai! :) Do give it a try!

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