Saturday, November 5, 2011

Internet Kimchi

I do my fair share of internet shopping - mostly books, beauty products, fun accessories and clothes..

I never thought that I'd buy food from online.

Well but I did.

I bought some kimchi from a shop on GMarket. I've always find it hard to get good quality kimchi. When I do, I find them a bit too pricey. A friend of mine had friends who tried out the kimchi ordered from online and recommended I try them.

So I went and ordered 1 kg of cabbage kimchi, some seasoned Korean pickles and kimchi dumplings (also known as mandu). Including the delivery, they cost $30.

We tried the pickles and kimchi tonight for dinner. They were crunchy and tasted good!

Now, I have lots of kimchi to make kimchi jigae (kimchi soup) and kimchi fried rice.

But then... 1 kg.. is really a lot for the 2 of us!

I really liked these seasoned pickles

Cabbage kimchi is my favourite. These ones are pretty good.


petunialee said...

Is 1kg the minimum order? When I read 1 kg, I was a bit startled too... 'cos I couldn't imagine the 2 of you soaking in kimchi.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Teehee, Petunia, yes ar, 1kg is the minimum order if you want to buy just the cabbage kimchi. They also had sampler sets of about 400g of kimchi but it came w other kimchi that I didn't really fancied :p

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