Monday, November 7, 2011

A Tourist in Singapore

The Husband and I decided we'd go to the Titanic Exhibition at the Art Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands, based on Petunia's recommendation.

I felt like a tourist in Singapore because everywhere we went today were not familiar to me. We had lunch in a Japanese restaurant we have never visited at the Millenia Walk, then went to the museum which I've never been to. The Titanic Exhibition was an interesting one, but what was more interesting to me was the view outside - a view of Singapore's financial district and key landmarks from a totally new angle.

After the exhibition, we went for tea at the Marina Bay Shopping Centre (The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands). I was surprised to find an ice-skating ring and a mini-canal (like those you see in Venice) in the mall! I didn't know you find these things in Singapore!

On my way home, I decided that I should start 'exploring' Singapore a bit more. There are still lots of places in this small island I've yet to visit.


Malar said...

The buildings are full of high Architectural design!
I should visir Singapore one day!

I am Hap(py) said...

oh yes the ice-skating rink is cool :) Next time when u go MBS try out the this DB bistro. I like the food! Nice :)

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Malar - you should!!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Happy - DB Bistro? Okay. I'd try next time! :)

Char_mee said...

I feel the same about wanting to explore Singapore more! : )

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hi Char_Mee, I'm glad I'm not the only one! :)

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