Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Spring blooms

It was spring when we were in Switzerland and the flowers were really blooming everywhere.

Here are some pictures to brighten up your day. Have a happy Wednesday!

Cheery tulips

Love the deep yellow..

More exquisite than any dress

A very nice purple

I thought these are bluebells but the colour is dark purple, almost black

Similar colour, but a tulip instead..

Pretty flowers by the road

These look like butterflies to me

View of Lake Geneva on a cloudy day

View of Lake Lucerne and the Swiss Alps from Weggis

I love tulips - these red ones are lovely!

Don't know what these are but these are beautiful flowers along a random road!

More beautiful flowers by the road..

These were growing indoors at Hotel Hermitage


petunialee said...

I love the black tulip best.

Blur Ting said...

Gorgeous! You brought the SLR? I can't imagine traveling with a heavy camera.

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Me too, Petunia!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh yes, but it was heavy and we didn't bring the macro lens but the BIG one that can zoom. The Husband carried it mostly though...

Wen-ai said...

I like this post! The flowers were beautiful!!!!

Malar said...

Its' so lovely!
I love tulips!

Rene said...

Beautiful flowers! I luv those tulips!!

My Sinfonia said...

stunning! Should have gone to Geneve when I had the chance. Was it you who took the photos?

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Yes! Hehe

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