Friday, January 25, 2013

Tea time

Recently, I have some time occasionally, in the midst of baby caring, piles of housework and other things to do to have some time for tea in the afternoon.

It's a nice treat to be able to make myself a cup of strong tea and enjoy a pastry by myself at home.

Sometimes, I'd go out for tea in the late afternoon with Little N in tow when she can't nap.

Here are some of the nicer pastries I've had recently..

Rare Cheese Mango (from Patisserie Glace) - Nice and light and slightly tart

Red Velvet Cake (Cedele) - a little drier than I expected but quite rich in flavour..

Carrot Cake (Cedele) - one of my favourite cakes

Almond cookies (Four Leaves) - Really yummy crispy and thick cookies. 
I've been eating lots of these. The chocolate chip ones are really good too..

Black Forest Cake (Fruit Paradise) - very light cream and lots of fresh cherries..


Stephanie said...

That rare cheeses mango would be nice for my afternoon tea later ;-)

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Hehe! Yes, it is a nice cake.. Nice and light

Malar said...

Yummy pasteries!

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