Saturday, February 16, 2013

Birthday Lunch at Au Petit Salut

It's been a while since The Husband and I have been out for fine dining. For my birthday treat, The Husband selected Au Petit Salut at Dempsey.

The restaurant didn't allow prams indoors, so we were given a seat outdoors. I thought the outdoor sheltered seats were much better though.. especially on a cloudy day like today. Although.. it'd be wise to apply some mosquito repellent if you are prone to mosquito bites. The Husband and Little N were okay.. but I was lunch for the resident mosquitoes of the restaurant.

This place offered pretty good set lunches. I managed to really enjoyed my whole lunch at a leisurely pace. Little N was fairly cooperative. At one point she got a little cranky as she was really tired.. but she managed to take a short nap through our main course and after she woke, she was all friendly through desserts and coffee. 

I started lunch with the home cured smoked trout, which came with beetroot purée and pistachio milk. It was beautifully done and came with some salted salmon roe that balanced everything really well. For my main course, I had the confit duck leg with cauliflower purée and pomegranate relish. The duck confit was probably one of the best I've had in Singapore. It was crispy on the outside yet the meat was so tender. I thought the smooth cauliflower purée went perfectly with the pomegranate relish.

I always loved desserts - for dessert I ordered the chocolate and pear mousse cake with vanilla, whilst The Husband had the dessert of the day - Opera cake with coffee ice-cream. Both were delicious!

To The Husband - thanks for finding this place! It was a most satisfying lunch. This is a restaurant I will no doubt visit again.

Warm crusty bread is a must for any good restaurant

Smoked trout and crispy duck confit

The desserts were lovely.. I do wish the servings were larger though.. haha

Little N's lunch

Here's Little N at almost 5 months

The outdoor seating area was quite comfortable on a cooling day like today

Au Petit Salut
Add: 40C Harding Road
Tel: +65-64751976


Anonymous said...

Blessed Birthday! N is good ar! At least you can sit and finish your main course :)

Remember to go out and date more often!

Malar said...

Happy Birthday! What a great birthday celebration with your family!

Malar said...

and Happy Chinese New Year too!

vivian chan said...

Happy birthday to you!

Rene said...

Happy Birthday! Such a nice cozy place to celebrate! =)

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Thanks all! :)

Wen-ai said...

Happy Belated Birthday! ;)

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