Friday, June 14, 2013

Baby Classes

It's only recently that I realised what a myriad of classes are available out there for babies..

Music classes, play groups, baby gyms, right brain training... you name it..

I like bringing Little N for baby classes.. or rather.. to try out baby classes.

We have been for a couple of trial classes now.. and what I like about these classes is that I get good tips and ideas on some of the activities I can do with Little N on my own.

Of course the internet is full of good ideas as well.. but a real class kind of also helps me see other babies and mummies in action!

Here's her during one of the classes we attended.

There was a short break for snacks and my girl was concentrating so much on hers that she didn't realized mummy stepped away for a minute to go grab her water bottle. (The mummy next to us helped kept an eye on her so she didn't roll off her chair or something.) 

She didn't move an inch off her seat.. but sat there quietly to polish off all her snacks.. (those that didn't drop off on to the floor anyway!)

The one class I'm really keen to try out and even sign up though.. is baby swimming class.

Little N likes water. She's enjoyed her baths since birth.. and we occasionally bring her to the pool.. and have her join us in the big pool. She seems to really enjoy herself.. and isn't afraid of the cold water.

I've not been able to find a class on weekends though. The world of baby classes, esp baby swimming classes are dedicated to SAHM (Stay At Home Mums) or mums with flexible working schedules. Boo.

Oh well, so in the meantime, I guess we'd just continue with our occasional weekend swimming (more like dipping) sessions together for now. The fun for her doesn't end at the pool. She likes the showers at the pool as well - the water jets are nice and strong. I suppose they feel like a waterfall to her!

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Wen-ai said...

There are private swimming instructors that provides Baby Water Confidence lessons at your condo's pool. One of my friends hired one, so if you are keen, I can ask her?

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