Monday, December 23, 2013

Interesting Places to go in Taipei

I have been to Taipei for quite a number of times now for holidays.

After the first 3 times, I get a bit tired of the usual spots - Taipei 101, Shilin night market, Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

This trip, I discovered a few nice places to go in Taipei.

1. Song Shan Cultural Park 松山文創園區

There are many reasons to visit this cultural park.

1. There is a modern museum of sorts in this old cigarette factory
2. They tend to have interesting temporary exhibits there. There was a futuristic Hello Kitty one when we visited
3. There is a very nice Eslite Store there with a lot of good food
4. The famous Wu Bao Chun Bread store (吳寶春麵包店) has a branch there. This is the guy whose bread won first place in a bread baking competition, leaving all the French and European bakers speechless.

2. Yangmingshan National Park

I can't believe it took me so long to visit Yangmingshan National Park but it really is a huge and beautiful place.

We visited it on a day where the weather wasn't exactly the greatest. It was drizzling and rather cold that day.. too cold for Little N. But it was a beautiful park and we did have a nice walk while it lasted.. so, I'd definitely be back.

3. Addiction Fish Market 上引水產

The Husband didn't like this place but I quite did.

Addiction is an interesting fish market located near a traditional market. So you can visit the fish market, have some freshly prepared seafood there and then visit the traditional market nearby.

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