Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Leftover Pasta

Little N is selective when it comes to her food.

Her selection criteria is based on her mood... and textures.

I find myself often finishing things she does not like.

She did not like these cute little star pastas I bought her and flatly refused them. She takes a mouthful, then opens her mouth and takes the little starts out of her mouth (*FAINT*) and then plays with them (*DOUBLE FAINT*).

I've only cooked her these pasta once so what was I to do with all these little star pastas?

I started adding them to my tomato and beef stew but I don't cook often enough nowadays to use these up.

So, I decided to add them to my salad.

It's really easy as well.

Open a bag of salad leaves, boil and shell an egg, add in cherry tomatoes and grapes, shred in some carrots and any other vegetables you can get (broccoli, corn, whatever) and add in the pastas and top off with a light vinaigrette dressing or wafu dressing. I added some cilantro and pumpkin seeds to add some punch and crunch.

This is a useful way to do something with leftover pasta.

See those tiny little star-shaped pastas? These were meant for The Baby

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