Thursday, April 9, 2009

Back to Beijing

I arrived in Beijing on Tuesday morning.

Yes, it meant I took the red-eye flight again. Even though after every single time, I tell myself that I'm too old to do this again. But of course, I always forget how unpleasant the experience is after a couple of weeks.. "Mdm! Wet Towels!"... "What drinks would you like?"... even though I was obviously drifting off to dreamland.. And then "Mdm! Breakfast for you!?" at 430am.. sighz...

But I digress.... this blog is meant to be about Beijing.

Having lived in this city for about 3 years.. it's nice to be back for a week after 3 months of being away. When I arrived, it is strange how familiar, yet distant everything has become. But then, surprisingly, after 2 days.. it is as if I never left.

It is great to visit my favourite restaurants, plan for shopping in the weekend and all.

But best of all, I get to catch up with my friends. :)

It is lovely move back home to Sunny Island - there's nothing I like better. But it's nice to be back in Beijing. Especially in Spring..

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Wei Q said...

Oh... Miss you...

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