Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Last Week in the Business District

I've always worked in the business district in Singapore.. For the better part of my career, I have been working in Raffles Place.

The furthest away from Raffles Place I got was Raffles City/ Marina Square area.

From next week onwards, my team will be moving to an office in the suburbs, very near to where I live currently.

I've always "complained" about working in the business district. The rush hour traffic, the mad rush during lunch hour..

But I think working in the business district also did mean I could quite easily meet a good number of my friends for lunch.. if I wanted to. There are also lots of choices for good food in the area.

My new office will be next to a Sheng Shiong supermarket and there aren't very much nearby apart of some apartments and some factories.

It'd be nice to stay near the office for a change. But sadly, it'd only be for a maximum period of 2 months because I will be moving to somewhere rather far away... (by Singapore standards anyway).

So.. goodbye Raffles Place.. for now.

And goodbye to my great window view. I will miss you.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Many Expressions of Little N

Little N has lots of expressions.

Recently, she learnt how to show the "surprised" expression and it's pretty hilarious. She freezes with her mouth open and 2 palms facing out.

Here's a series of her expressions during our outing to the Marina Gardens By The Bay.

Have a Happy New Year all!