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Whoopes... still work-in-progress.. but here are some links!

Recommendations for Malacca
Itinerary for Malacca Trip
Great eats in Malacca:
- Tandoori Chicken and Naan
- Chicken Rice Balls
- The Best Ever Chendol
- Mille Crepe

Recommendations for Hong Kong
Great eats in Kowloon
- Lan Fong Yuen for stir-fried instant noodles
- Reasonable dim-sum at Very Good Restaurant
- Beautiful cakes and pastries at Patisserie Tony Wong
- Delicious cookies from Cookies Quartet
- Amazing roasted goose and century eggs from Yung Kee
- Duck Shing Ho Coconut Egg Rolls
- Spring Deer - Beijing food in Hong Kong
- Beef brisket soup from Tai Lee
- Coconut New Year Cake from Wah Lai Yuen